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program overview

The Co-op's program goal is for each child to develop a frame of reference of ideas, knowledge, problem-solving, motor and social skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Curriculum objectives will include, but are not limited to:



  • Develop an ability to match, group, and identify common properties/relationships

  • Explore what comes next in a series of objects or events

  • Experiment with creative process in use of materials, expression,          and movement

  • Use the scientific process: observing, reasoning, test suggestions, observe results, and make conclusions



  •  Build a positive image of their bodies

  •  Practice large motor abilities: movement, balance, body/space  perception

  •  Refine fine motor skills by manipulating and controlling objects

  •  Develop methods to relax, relieve tension and expend energy  appropriately


Social Emotional

  • Develop trust, autonomy, and initiative

  • Gain confidence in abilities

  • Express needs and feelings with appropriate words and actions

  • Increase their understanding of and empathy for others

  • Develop strategies to control impulses, join in play and resolved conflicts

  • Share materials and take turns



  • Expand and extend their vocabularies and sentence structures

  • Verbally express feelings and describe objects and events

  • Make requests, ask questions and give directions

  • Respond to requests, questions, and the directions of others

  • Practice taking turns in conversations

  • Increase awareness of picture and print symbols, including letters and numbers

  • Develop understanding of, and appreciation for stories, poems and plays



  • Practice toileting, dressing and hand washing

  • Serving, eating and cleaning up at snack and lunch time

  • Making choices and decisions

  • Request assistance when needed

  • Identify, observe and practice safety procedures

  • Attempt new and/or challenging activities

  • Develop a sense of responsibility for one’s belongings, environment, and self




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