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co-op fundraisers



As part of the parent contract when enrolling at the Co-op, each

family makes the commitment to volunteer on at least one of

our two fundraising committees. Below you will find a

description of each fundraiser.


EXPECTATIONS: A minimum of 10 volunteer hours are part of

your Co-op commitment. You are expected to work the day of

(~6 hours) as well as the months leading up to the event. Each of the committee chairpersons will give specific details into the expectations of your unique fundraiser. If you have other obligations

(work, new baby, etc.), the committee chairpersons will be able to get you involved in a way that works for your schedule and fits the needs of the committee. You will receive your committee assignments in the early fall. Thank you for adding this unique component to our school community.



This fun, high-energy community event takes place in the spring, usually the first weekend in May. People from the community and our school pay a fee to touch, climb in, and play on the trucks that come to the event. Other kid-oriented activities include a bounce house, face-painting, and train to ride.  The work of the committee includes advertising and publicizing the event, organizing the trucks, soliciting sponsors from the community, and working the day of the event.


Winter Gala & Silent Auction

The Winter Gala is a fun night of Co-op family socializing, with a fun party theme. Past party themes include James Bond 007 and Kentucky Derby. Families bid on different items that have been donated from the community or from within the school. Committee members plan the party, solicit donations, organize class projects for auction, create an auction booklet, and run the event during the spring social.




Volunteer Opt-Out Option: We understand that personal circumstances or preferences may prohibit you from volunteering your time this year. For a donation of $500, you may be released of all volunteer expectations for this year. This donation will help contribute to the Co-op’s overall fundraising goals and is equally appreciated.

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