co-op specials

Mad about Science

Twice a month, our Threes and Fours have a section on Earth Science with Frank Cronson. The children have a hands on opportunity to explore and experiment with properties and substances that amaze and impress.


Our Literacy Specialist works with the  Four year old classrooms concentrating on developmentally appropriate early literacy activities. These include story dictation, word games, and letter and word recognition activities. As children's interests grow, our Literacy Specialist supports the children in printing letters and words.

Music and Movement

Three and Four year old classes meet alternating Mondays with our music teacher for music and movement. An original and creative approach inspires all to move to the beat.  Songs and rhythms from all genres are introduced in ways that are fun for children.


Two year old classes meet twice a month in their classroom for music and movement.  The teacher plays her guitar and sings with the children.  New songs are introduced while also playing many classic children's songs.

Field Trips

Fours go on field trips relating to their topics of interest. These trips enable the children to have a group experience that they can then bring back to the classroom. Examples of trips have been: the Westport Fire Station, Warrup's Farm, Wave Hill Breads Bakery, and the Westport Farmers Market.

Animal Embassy

Every month an animal educator visits

Co-op with a variety of animals for all the children to see and touch. 
Interesting information about the animals is shared in a context that is

meaningful to young children.

Occupational Therapist Specialist

The Co-op works closely with Ellen Martino, OTD, OTR/L in advising the teachers as well as working directly with the Threes and Fours in creative and fun activities each month. Through group play and exploration in the classroom, these activities incorporate core strength and stability, fine motor skills, prewriting skills and sensory motor integration. Ellen is available to consult with parents also.

Nature Hikes

Whether on warm sunny days or wintery sunny days, if the weather allows us to we exlore our surroundings outdoors. Children hunt for treasures, like rocks, leaves, acorns and sticks. Together we

use our imaginations to make them

come to life. 

The Co-op employs a School Nurse who is on hand one day a week until January and then on hand one day a month.

The Co-op also maintains relationships with professional specialists in Speech, Child and Family Therapy and Family Services. The school consults with these professionals and makes referrals to families when asked.