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our mission


Early education at the Westport-Weston Cooperative Nursery School follows a child-centered approach, with individual attention given to each child's needs and sensibilities. The child's interests and questions are paramount in considering the curriculum content. The Co-op values children's play as the context for their learning.

We believe that a learning process that includes self-discovery is most meaningful.


We recognize that this is an interdependent triangle among child, the family, and the teacher. This triad has the power to directly impact each child's personal growth and development.


A strong belief is that the family's willingness to participate in the functions of the school fosters an early example to their children that cooperation is an integral part of education. 


The teacher’s goal is to provide a safe learning environment that inspires children to explore their classrooms and the outside world. Teachers provide nurturing support to the individual needs of the children in their care, recognizing and encouraging each child's physical, creative, emotional, social and intellectual growth. The Co-op believes that helping a child develop a positive self-image is the best foundation for his or her future education.


The Co-op strives to engage children, families, and the staff in ways that model respect, acceptance, and equality.


The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational policies and admissions.​


Helping children thrive since 1955

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