director's message

64 years of Co-op!

Dear Co-op Families,

As we begin the new school year, the sixty-fourth year for the Co-op, I cannot help but reflect on past years as this is my thirtieth year here! This type of reflection for me is a study in contrasts: What has changed and what has stayed the same over the years?

Of course, there have been updates to our building and the classroom spaces are always improving. Though we are tenants in our space, we have been good partners with the Unitarian Church in our respect and appreciation for the setting of our

school. We have cleaned, painted and updated where needed. Through those changes, we have maintained our focus on nature and the environment as a catalyst for children’s wonder and learning. There is a beautiful world outside our big windows that encourages children’s conversations, questions and experimenting.

I also note that children are somehow universal in their development. They come to our door each year with an eagerness to engage in the world outside of their families. We are ready to take their hand and offer opportunities to explore, to try new ideas and to discover for themselves the important lessons of their work. While each child is different in their interests and abilities, the sameness comes in their wide-eyed awe of discovering something for the first time.

The Co-op has remained faithful to its Mission to provide the opportunity for children to learn through play. The children explore topics that interest them. They are guided as they learn to negotiate with friends, and they work to become a community of classmates. 

Our Mission is validated each year as we assess our work with children. Our comparisons of focus from September to June within each group is heartening as we see the changes. The children’s growth is truly magical as they transform from toddler to preschooler and then on to kindergartener! The work the children do at the Co-op is truly theirs as evidenced by the memories they take with them.

Thank you for being a part of this special school. It has flourished for so many years because of the families who work so hard to provide this experience for their children. You are a part of something very important for your children.

Wishing you a wonderful year to come!

Pat Rackliffe

August 2019